Binairy Eye

Constant AI observation

Having previously focussed on BOB loss in retail, Checkpoint Technologies wanted to develop a brand identity and logo to reflect their wealth of new services for this sector powered by AI. Our solution was developed around the angle brackets synonymous with programming. In the main logo, the brackets contain a zero forming the eye symbol, and expand to include the range of icons designed to communicate the different services provided. The website design was conceived to give the user a sense of the site being alert to them in each section. Icons and graphics animate as they scroll into view and on launch the cursor movements are tracked in the hero section.
Binairy Eye website on a laptop
Binairy Eye website hero section
Binairy Eye Have ai nice day!
Binairy Eye line of sight icon
Binairy Eye sight of data icon
Binairy Eye bob loss icon
Binairy Eye Community Adverts icon
Binairy Eye Store Audit icon
Binairy Eye Retailer Comms icon
Binairy Eye Digital Media icon
Aiffirm platform identity for Binairy Eye
Binairy Eye breakdown of bob loss chart
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